Tangent Podcast with Mike & Jonny: S2E9

Posted: August 5, 2016 by Maximum Mike in Tangent Podcast, The Vault
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In which we get over anxiety, watch our heroes fall, and remind you, above all, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!! (and lots of tangents)

Songs this week: The 100 Day Song Challenge


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  1. Joe B. says:

    Yo Jonny
    Listen to show
    Great as usual
    I understand how uncomfortable your second grade rebbe made you feel, as I had the same rebbe just the year before you. Just don’t think it’s right you should say he should suffer and burn in hell. I know how uncomfortable he made us all, but I don’t think he knew it was wrong, which was no excuse, but there are people who did a lot worse in our school. You have a right to your opinion, just sometimes, it might give some people the wrong idea about our childhood rebbeim

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