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This Week: We take a listen to some of our favorite bands absolutely killing it on stage with some of our favorite songs! Feat. Metallica, Dio, Matchbox Twenty, Alice in Chains, U2, Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam and more!

This Week: From the radio to the stage, Rock 4 Rookies becomes Rock 4 Rookies Live becomes Rock 4 Rookies! Feat. Covers by Led Zeppelin, Dio, Faith No More, The Offpring, New Found Glory, Rammstein, Kiss, Marlyin Manson, AC/DC and much more!!! Special thanks to all the amazing musicians!!

Guitar – Tal Behar, Shani Kimelman, Teets McGee, Gal Cohen, Dror Dorenbaum
Bass – Lee Lavy and Avihai Levy
Keyboards – Nina Vouraki
Drums – Roee Kahana