In which we kick off the new season with Capitol Hill, a spoiler free Spidey review, a dream turned to dirt, and possible book burnings.

In which BLM  comes out as communist, Cuba, South Africa,  jelly doughnuts for bears, and we get good advice from the Red Guardian.

In which we celebrate Benny Bonilla, piss on Twitter, and talk dope.

In which we are cuter than Formula 1 drivers, we examine the politics, and zionism is racism is nationalism is shut the fuck up.

In which we get right into the Gaza/Rocket/Safe Room/Worry/Hate/Anti-Semitism/Trans stuff going on everywhere.

In which we talk music (again), BLM leave some Bs out, protesting, bad people do good, good creating fear and finally, the narrative behind it all.

In which we talk sacrifices, completing the 1001 album challenge, and the next generation of Potty Mouth Jonny.

Season finale!!! In which we once again attempt a kosher hot sauce challenge! 10 wings of fire, some good, some… not so good. Happy new year!

In which we keep it light with movies, meeting aliens, unapproachable celebs, Green Lantern redemption, question the hot mess, come up with Ted Talks, and Elliot Page.

In which we question moral convictions, learn about female genital mutilation, count votes and shay goodbye to Sean Connery.