Rock 4 Rookies Podcast: Episode 249 – Ridicdaculous!

Posted: May 1, 2014 by Maximum Mike in Rock 4 Rookies Podcast

This Week: Things get ridicdac with all the amazing covers and new music…. and old music and fun music and music music! Feat. American Head Charge, Coma 7, Gamma Ray, Reach, Chevelle, Crash Kings, Darwin’s Waiting Room and much more!

  1. "Joshy" Boy says:

    Maximum Mike

    Take a listen to Anastasia by Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators ft. Slash.
    Released in 2012 this song truly captures strong rock with a beautiful progression and stunning vocals.
    Anastasia…Hope you enjoy


  2. Michael says:

    An excellent song that I played many moons ago on the show. If Myles Kennedy is your thing, check out Alterbridge, his other band. On this weeks episode, you will definitely like the song by the Crash Kings.

  3. Daniel says:

    awesome music!!

  4. Michael says:

    1. Chevelle – Take Out The Gunman
    2. New Found Glory – No News Is Good News
    3. Gamma Ray – Pale Rider
    4. Sinbreed – Shadows
    5. Foxboro Hot Tubs – 27th Ave Shuffle
    6. Lord Rockingham’s Eleven – Wee Tom
    7. Coma 7 – No More War
    8. Iron Maiden – Wasted Years ’99
    9. Iron Maiden – Blood Brothers
    Bonus – Last Sleepless City
    11. Metallica – Ronnie Rising Medley
    12. Rob Halford – Man On The Silver Mountain
    13. Crash Kings – 1985
    14. Avril Lagvine – Hello Kitty
    15. Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Furasshubakku
    16. Limp Bizkit – Jump Around
    17. Reach – wake Me Up (Avivii Cover)
    18. American Head Charge – Pledge Allegiance
    19. Blue Suede – Hooked On A Feeling
    20. Bush – Glycerine

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