Born and raised in Israel to a very conservative family, I had no influential musical figures in my life except for my aunt who introduced me to some of  the greats! (Bette,Whitney,Barbara, Cher). Through these Divas I was  was exposed to the wonderful and vast world of music. From high school onwards, the search for great music became an intense journey that continues to this day.

I have come to the point where I’m sure I can open a conversation with almost any person in the world – Because I know a little bit about many different styles – just check out my mp3 playlist…I dare you…

PopRox2 is the embodiment of all that is me, because almost everything can be labeled under pop and that’s a whole lotta music – just the way I love it!  

Every show is a product of my passing week – emotions, experiences and sometimes, just a brand new artist I want to show off. Behind every song there is  something I want give to the audience – and I hope that by the last song , there will be a smile on your face!