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Jonny is in America and he’s taking a little road trip but dont worry, Maximum Mike is here to keep him entertained for 3 hours of music and talk.

In which we discuss on going adventures, things to do with kids, great restaurants, Bibi and walking down the aisle.


Disasterpeace AKA Rich Vreeland joins Jonny to discuss movie scores, video game soundtracks and EWrestling.


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Photo courtesy of Lucas Negroni

This Week: We say goodbye to two friends, two living legends of Rock! So long Chester, so long Chris! We salute you both with episode of Rock in your names. Feat. Senses Fail, Sikth, Rex Brown, Alice Cooper, Sigmund Fried, Alter Bridge, The Animal In Me and more!

In which we visit a comic book store, complain about vacation, meet a baseball nazi, and cover tons of news from San Diego Comic-Con!!