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This Week: As if I haven’t been dreading it enough, Israeli Metal band Shredhead are finally gone but here is one last episode co-hosted by Aharon Exoticon Ragoza! Feat. Ripshtos, Devildriver, Garunge, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Offspring, New FOund Glory, April Wine, Meshuggah, Adrenaline Mob and more!

This Week: It’s like the Rock gods were like, “Here, have a butt-load of new music, all in the same week.” And we raised our hands and said, thank you! Feat: Fozzy, Ill Nino, NEAT, Rx Bandits, Hammerfall, Judas Priest and much more!

This Week: It’s hard to say goodbye to friends but we do are best as we talk about their future plans, their new album and African children. Oh yeah, and music. Feat. Saliva, The Haunted, Jimmy Eat World, Rhapsody of Fire, Paramore, Bad Religion and more!!!