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This Week: With the Flu Season in high drive, Maximum Mike brings on the magical medicine – Rock! Ft. The Sick Puppies, A Day to Remember, Anvil, Smoking Popes and much more!

THIS WEEK: Maximum Mike tries to Kill the Drive by interviewing their lead singer Eyal Reiner and if that isn’t enough he also provides a three shot of Zebrahead in honor of the new album, a Rock Cocktail for the most important member of the Rock 4 Rookies team and of course, a lot more rock.Ft. Queensryche, Stone Gods, Lullucry, All Time Low, etc etc etc

Electronic Voyage: Episode 62 – The Return of Holt Lockon

Posted: November 15, 2009 by Maximum Mike in The Vault

Super spy Holt Lockon returns to action with this thrilling  adventure. Everything is on the line as the villainous Life Stealers Incorporated have put the world in peril once more. Only one man stands between us and destruction, Holt Lockon!

This Week: Maximum Mike takes a stand against the state of the world, which sucks, by protesting with a PROTEST SHOW!!! Ft a revolutionary line-up. Cat Stevens, CSNY, Neil Young, The Doors, Metallica, Joan Baez and much much more!!!

This Week: With Jon as my wingman, this episode will go down as LEGEND wait for it, DARY!!!! Ft. A chaotic mass of Classic, Heavy, and Alternative Rock (oh, and Jon made me play some weird Indie Rock as well).

Rock 4 Rookies: Jonny fills in for Maximum Mike and takes a different path with some very unexpected music. Featuring: The Who, Van Halen, Santogold, Elvis Costello and more.