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In which we question moral convictions, learn about female genital mutilation, count votes and shay goodbye to Sean Connery.

In which we experience banana farts and try to heal the world.

In which there is so much going on in the world that we ignore a bunch of it and talk about what we want. RBG, Supreme Court, shut downs, Rosh Hashana, terrible parents, Whoopie Goldberg, Top 7 teachers sins, being delinquents, new wedding customs,  Fox News, and albums from 1991.

In which we’re too damn tired to talk about all the heaviness going on. Keeping it light!

In which we review conventions, explore the root of the system, and fight accusations of labeling.

In which we go back to schooling, say goodbye to Rabbi Steinsaltz, and breakdown the defundation.

In which we say good bye to Regis and find out what matters to Black Lives Matter.

In which we’re all about culture: canceling it, challenging it, and sitting on it.

In which we update each other, ask how you’re doing, discussing hate, scars and Seders!

In which we have Jonny’s sister, Ricki Granovitz, on to talk about her wedding in the midst of Covid-19. We talk politics and life. Join us!